Sunday, 29 December 2013


Hey everyone. I think my dad thinks I'm a slut or something, as I went over to my other half's house and was ten minutes late to coming out to the car, down the road. 

And, well, I feel like something sharp should be close to my skin. So, yeah. I haven't cut in three months, but my mum's probably thrown it away, and I need help. Please. 

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Nottingham Times.


So today I went to my hometown Nottingham, where I'm surprisingly shy and quiet; unlike my usual loud and hyper normality. 

Saw my uncle, grandparents and great grandma; who's almost 101 years old!! :D

Only problem is the journey - two hours there and back; four hours total.

Tomorrow I have college, so I shall still be posting a blog entry, but it'll be later in the day as usual.

Well I'm off to sleep, travelling makes me tired c: NIGHT my lovelies :)

Holly Bolly <3 xoxo

Ps: here's Adrian and I :') I LOVE YOU BABY if you're reading :D <3

Saturday, 7 December 2013


I KNOW! You guys (and girls) probably hate me right now for forgetting to post about my day yesterday, because it's just oh so interesting (sarcasm). 

Trouble is, I had work pretty much as soon as I got back from college and there's no Internet there! 

Anyway. It was time to get our Zombie Make-Up done!! Since we only had two hours only one of the pair could do it; so it's my turn next time so my bestie Emma can get me back! XD (should I be scared? Yes. Do I love her? Of course!)

Here's a sneak peek at yesterday!

Opinions? Come on I know you're reading ;) I saw I. Hit 200 page views the other day so come on guys! :) WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?! XD 

Anyway I'm going to sleep, I'm going to my hometown in Nottingham in the morning! Let me know if you're from down there and we'll become best friends overnight!! XD 

Lots of love, Holly-Bolly. xoxo
Ps: I need the loo. 
PPs: WHY are you still reading these! EW xD 

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Back again!

Greetings, earthling. 

I know in the two or three previous posts I said I'd upload daily, but Sam broke up with me. It was pretty rough, but I just got back on track again and now have a new boyfriend as of a few days ago: Adrian. 

Anyway. So that's my lame excuse as of why I haven't been posting. 

Onto a less depressing note, I'm learning   Slovakian :) so if you know the language, TEACH ME! I have a website I'm currently learning from, which is helpful but I can't get some of the pronunciation right! So when I tried to tell my boy I loved him in his native language, he looked at me funny. 

Ugh. He's wearing a suit tomorrow but I've been called into work which is a major bummer. Suits are a turn on for me, OK? I don't know why, but they are. So you could imagine my ovaries screaming at my boss when he said to come in. Actually, that's kind of disturbing so don't. 

What else is new? 

I have my phone upgrade (finally), with a nerdy Doctor Who case! And some retro blue headphones to match!

And yeah I saw all those page views on this blog! Almost 200 already!! Keep it going guys! 

Yeah, about it I think! So I'll be back tomorrow, same time again to upload my days worth of adventure! 

Saturday, 2 November 2013

Back In Business!!

Did I scare you? 

I bet not. 

You may have realise from my previous entry I was going on holiday; well, I wrote it down, but yes. I am back!

The Lake District was very pretty, although don't stay in Allonby like I did - you have to travel in the car for an hour just to get to a mountain or village! 

Anyway. I am back, and will be continuing my blogs, vlogs on YouTube, and novels on Wattpad daily; sometimes even twice or three times in a day! 

Also, I have college on Monday again. Bracknell and Wokingham College.
Ah, the joy! I have official lessons from 9:00am - 6:10pm, but there's no way I'll stay awake all that time. So, I'm going to my other half's house in the morning to play video games, and maybe some intimate time if his housemate is at work. 

Although, I texted him earlier him to say I might be able to visit him on his break when I was on the way back from the holiday, it wasn't going to be perfect but I'd try my best. 

Well, mum made me help clean up and put away everything, when I'd asked her not even an hour prior if I could hang out with him for half an hour; and she'd said yes! *fustrated scream* I finally finished at five pm, just as he was coming back off his break! 

I texted him about halfway through his break though, to say I couldn't come as mum had given me things to do and wouldn't let me go out; and then another text to ask how work was going. 

Trouble is, he hasn't replied since. And I sent it three hours ago. Now, normally the longest rush he'll have is an hour? Something like that? Maybe two hours if they keep coming, but I don't understand. What do you guys think? 

I also still haven't gotten any BBM request from you guys, so follow my Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, Wattpad, Club Penguin? I'm kidding about that last one, I got banned for saying a bad word - my anger got the best of me. Stupid mini-game. 

Please comment below, share this blog to people you know, or even just send me a message on one of the above! Or, if you have none of these, I have a Facebook? Also, you can sign into Wattpad with Facebook; YouTube with Google+, and Tumblr with Facebook and Twitter? I'll double check that last one, but please message me if you have any idea on what my boyfriend is thinking? Or to talk about any advice YOU may need; and if you just want to chat :) 

If you're wondering why I don't give my own advice if I think I'm so good at it, is because I do better at diagnostics with observation from a distance, not with my actual thought process confusing the heck outta me! 

Question of the day: Why is a female's mind so maze-like?! 

Ps: my accounts:
Twitter: @MehCookiez
YouTube: Babiieester (Holly Elizabeth-Rose Saywell) 
Tumblr: HollyLizRose I believe :3 
Wattpad: SkinnyLizzy

Goodnight all <3
~ Holly (here's us <3)

Friday, 25 October 2013

Holiday and Sexuality

Hey again bloggers! 

Update: If you read my previous post, then you will know I went to my other half's house. We went serious for half an hour (after Halo 4 of course!) and talked about personal stuff, and then yeah we made up :) he's at the pub tonight, but he has an early start at work in seven hours: 5am London time! So I don't know how he'll deal with a hangover that early. Plus his work's really loud, as he works at a petrol station next to a very busy supermarket. 

Anyway. I'm going on holiday tomorrow morning, to the Lake District. (If you're there comment and I may arrange a meet up? :D) And, as I'm not allowed to listen to music; YouTube Vlog; (my latest videos are to the right of this page) or even text the one I love more than anything in this world!! This, ladies and gentleman, is the problem. I won't be taking my phone!! Blame my parents. 

So, these daily blogging times will stop for a week, but they will resume (if I can get three comments?) better than ever! :D 

Question of the Day: what do you not like about your or just parents in general? 

Ps: here's my pin if you ever wanna chat on bbm :) (I have an iPhone but I'm mainstream ;)) 
Just let me know you read my blog otherwise I may not accept? I give advice, help people with relationships and if you're part of the LGBT community JOIN THE CLUB!
I'm bisexual and proud! :D 

P.P.S: I just realised the title of this update "H S" are my main initials- I SWEAR I DID NOT PLAN THIS OK GUYS!

Love, Holly 



I'm still so happy you're reading this! I think we're almost on 160 page views now?

Anyways, walking to my other half's house, which co-incidentally is two streets away from mine! 

So I'll blog you all later on what happens :) we're patching things up 

Holly <3

Ps: would should I start signing at the bottom with? My username? My real name? Let me know! :D Lots of Love! xoxo

150 pageviews total!

To my fellow Bloggers,

Yeah, I saw all those page views last night! Thank you! Although I didn't get any follows or comments.... *judges you*

What is it you like about what I write? Is it my attempt at comedy, the idea you could relate to some of these stories - as in you know of people I'm honestly not trying to offend you!

Anyway, please comment below, it helps me out immensly and I like writing stuff you guys (and girls) like!

~ SkinnyLizzy

Thursday, 24 October 2013


Warning. The following rant contains bad language, violence and may cause viewer to have nightmares for the next 24 hours. No pressure. 

You've all seen it. That stupid little sign. "#" Ugh. And if you've been living under a rock, you've escaped lightly - lucky shit.

This annoying little sign, which I wish to murder in cold blood with a butchers' knife is on "Instagram" mostly. Now, let me explain my opinion of these two popular social networks: 

Instagram, otherwise known as "photography wannabes" is a phone app created for Apple, made for people less blessed with how to work a camera. See, the lens faces the thing you're wanting to take a picture of. For example:
an interesting or rare tree, your family next to a famous celebrity or when you're making a scrapbook. This does not include:
Your breakfast
A deck chair with a black and white filter to make you look "amazing" at this so called "photography"
"Selfies" with you attempting to look presentable, when really you look like some bird eat a rainbow or something two days prior and it didn't agree with their digestive system. And then you were beneath it as the accident occurred. Blue eyeshadow, clumpy black mascara, bright red lips and dyed blonde hair really doesn't look great on some people - especially when they looked like a mouldy orange exploded on them (apparently I've been told it's called "fake tan" or "make-up" also?!)

*attempts to compose with calming breath*
*visions of knocking on their door with a shotgun blur and disappear*

Hope you all enjoyed my rant, let me know in the comments if anything annoys you on the Internet!! 

Eg: adverts on YouTube (how I hate these also). Yes you can use this, and if you're still reading type "hashtag ironic YOLO" so I can fan you!!!! 

'Cause I follow no-one just yet on here.

Blogging Monster

Dear Diary,
Is this how I should start these? Or is it more of a "hey again it's me". Well, who else is it really going to be, the Blogging Monster?!

Let me start over.
Dear Bloggers,

The guy I'm in love with wants to "talk" about us. And to be honest with you, I couldn't be more terrified. He knows my secrets, and my mum really likes him. I just don't want us to end, so if you're reading this Hun, I love you dork :')

I don't even know what to do with myself at the minute. I don't want to tell anyone encase they hurt him or frighten him off; cause lets face it some of the people I know are intimidating when they want to be; other times they're completely and utterly insane! But that's why I love them :)

Lots of virtual cookies and hugs!
~ SkinnyLizzy <3

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Long time no blog ;)

If you're reading this, thanks for bothering to care about my teenage drama-filled life.

So I got my hair cut off again yesterday, cause it was all in my eyes and looked really awful all flat and now it looks rather funky and modern apparently.

so yeah, I also have a small crush on my best friend that I'm slowly getting over; which is good :)
She's sitting a couple of seats away right now so shh ;)