Friday, 25 October 2013

Holiday and Sexuality

Hey again bloggers! 

Update: If you read my previous post, then you will know I went to my other half's house. We went serious for half an hour (after Halo 4 of course!) and talked about personal stuff, and then yeah we made up :) he's at the pub tonight, but he has an early start at work in seven hours: 5am London time! So I don't know how he'll deal with a hangover that early. Plus his work's really loud, as he works at a petrol station next to a very busy supermarket. 

Anyway. I'm going on holiday tomorrow morning, to the Lake District. (If you're there comment and I may arrange a meet up? :D) And, as I'm not allowed to listen to music; YouTube Vlog; (my latest videos are to the right of this page) or even text the one I love more than anything in this world!! This, ladies and gentleman, is the problem. I won't be taking my phone!! Blame my parents. 

So, these daily blogging times will stop for a week, but they will resume (if I can get three comments?) better than ever! :D 

Question of the Day: what do you not like about your or just parents in general? 

Ps: here's my pin if you ever wanna chat on bbm :) (I have an iPhone but I'm mainstream ;)) 
Just let me know you read my blog otherwise I may not accept? I give advice, help people with relationships and if you're part of the LGBT community JOIN THE CLUB!
I'm bisexual and proud! :D 

P.P.S: I just realised the title of this update "H S" are my main initials- I SWEAR I DID NOT PLAN THIS OK GUYS!

Love, Holly 

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