Saturday, 2 November 2013

Back In Business!!

Did I scare you? 

I bet not. 

You may have realise from my previous entry I was going on holiday; well, I wrote it down, but yes. I am back!

The Lake District was very pretty, although don't stay in Allonby like I did - you have to travel in the car for an hour just to get to a mountain or village! 

Anyway. I am back, and will be continuing my blogs, vlogs on YouTube, and novels on Wattpad daily; sometimes even twice or three times in a day! 

Also, I have college on Monday again. Bracknell and Wokingham College.
Ah, the joy! I have official lessons from 9:00am - 6:10pm, but there's no way I'll stay awake all that time. So, I'm going to my other half's house in the morning to play video games, and maybe some intimate time if his housemate is at work. 

Although, I texted him earlier him to say I might be able to visit him on his break when I was on the way back from the holiday, it wasn't going to be perfect but I'd try my best. 

Well, mum made me help clean up and put away everything, when I'd asked her not even an hour prior if I could hang out with him for half an hour; and she'd said yes! *fustrated scream* I finally finished at five pm, just as he was coming back off his break! 

I texted him about halfway through his break though, to say I couldn't come as mum had given me things to do and wouldn't let me go out; and then another text to ask how work was going. 

Trouble is, he hasn't replied since. And I sent it three hours ago. Now, normally the longest rush he'll have is an hour? Something like that? Maybe two hours if they keep coming, but I don't understand. What do you guys think? 

I also still haven't gotten any BBM request from you guys, so follow my Twitter, YouTube, Tumblr, Wattpad, Club Penguin? I'm kidding about that last one, I got banned for saying a bad word - my anger got the best of me. Stupid mini-game. 

Please comment below, share this blog to people you know, or even just send me a message on one of the above! Or, if you have none of these, I have a Facebook? Also, you can sign into Wattpad with Facebook; YouTube with Google+, and Tumblr with Facebook and Twitter? I'll double check that last one, but please message me if you have any idea on what my boyfriend is thinking? Or to talk about any advice YOU may need; and if you just want to chat :) 

If you're wondering why I don't give my own advice if I think I'm so good at it, is because I do better at diagnostics with observation from a distance, not with my actual thought process confusing the heck outta me! 

Question of the day: Why is a female's mind so maze-like?! 

Ps: my accounts:
Twitter: @MehCookiez
YouTube: Babiieester (Holly Elizabeth-Rose Saywell) 
Tumblr: HollyLizRose I believe :3 
Wattpad: SkinnyLizzy

Goodnight all <3
~ Holly (here's us <3)