Thursday, 5 December 2013

Back again!

Greetings, earthling. 

I know in the two or three previous posts I said I'd upload daily, but Sam broke up with me. It was pretty rough, but I just got back on track again and now have a new boyfriend as of a few days ago: Adrian. 

Anyway. So that's my lame excuse as of why I haven't been posting. 

Onto a less depressing note, I'm learning   Slovakian :) so if you know the language, TEACH ME! I have a website I'm currently learning from, which is helpful but I can't get some of the pronunciation right! So when I tried to tell my boy I loved him in his native language, he looked at me funny. 

Ugh. He's wearing a suit tomorrow but I've been called into work which is a major bummer. Suits are a turn on for me, OK? I don't know why, but they are. So you could imagine my ovaries screaming at my boss when he said to come in. Actually, that's kind of disturbing so don't. 

What else is new? 

I have my phone upgrade (finally), with a nerdy Doctor Who case! And some retro blue headphones to match!

And yeah I saw all those page views on this blog! Almost 200 already!! Keep it going guys! 

Yeah, about it I think! So I'll be back tomorrow, same time again to upload my days worth of adventure! 

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